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In the world of Fight Club, healthy young people go to meetings of cancer support groups because only there can they find human warmth and compassion. It's a world where young men gather in the basements of bars to fight strangers "just as long as they have to." And it's a world where "nobody cared if he lived or died, and the feeling was f---ing mutual." Messianic nihilist Tyler Durden is the inventor of Fight Club. Soon thousands of young men across the country are reporting to their work cubes with flattened noses, blackened eyes, and shattered teeth, looking forward to their next bare-knuckle maiming. The oracular, increasingly mysterious Durden then begins to harness the despair, alienation, . and violence he sees so clearly into complete anarchy.

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--------->------->Click here to CHAT about FIGHT CLUB!!<-------<--------- The Film: from 20th Century Fox Directed by David Fincher Starring Brad Pitt (Tyler Durden) Edward Norton (I, the Narrator) Helena Bonham Carter (Maria Singer) Meat Loaf (Robert Paulson) Zach Grenier (Boss) Jared Leto (Angel Face) Eion Bailey (Ricky) Peter Iacangelo (Lou) Joon B. Kim (Raymond K. Hassell) Evan Mirand (Evan) Rachel Singer (Chloe) Written by Jim Uhls Chuck Palahniuk (novel) Original music by The Dust Brothers (Mike Simpson & John King) By: Anthony G.