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Name - Mark    Email - fork56@yahoo.com
Date --     From - San Francisco, CA
Fight club is by far a the closest personification of man. It's not a crack on men or masculinity, but is an explanation on why. Men are expected to act a certain way and this is done through nurture. The Narrator was raised to be the breadwinner and had no father figure to help him understand life. Instead, he was forced into a role where he found difficulty fulfilling it. The Narrator eve said, "I'm a boy stuck in a man's body". Many men feel this way since they just ARE. This whole Masculine bullshit is just a way for men to get over the fact that their minds are not completely capable of attuning themselves to this environment we call "civilization". The Narrator is just one of many pawns in this dog-eat-dog world and we see him fall under stress. How many more men will fall under the lull of this obleak cubical position? Tyler was just the excuse for The Narrator to not be him. To not be the noe getting pushed over, getting hurt, and most of all, having a life. Tyler was everything The Narrator wasnkt and couldn't be. Why? Because The Narrator was nurtured to not act just like Tyler! I beleive most men need to look inside them more often. Tyler is inside all of us. We must be able to express him once in a while or we will all be doomed to make soap... sooner or later.

Name - Demian    Email - demian13@webtv.net
Date --     From - Here And Now
Fight Club wasn't just a simple movie written and produced only to profit from the masses.In this film you will find an honest and distinct perception of reality.Face it folks the majority of us live in this sick machine called "society", a slave to commerce and the global friggin economy.Whether or not one of us exists has absolutely no great impact upon the paradoxical nature of our world or "man kind".Day in day out we all base our lives on such truly useless "things".According to society we're just supposed to do menial jobs, produce offspring to take our places,and die.There is an infinite number of things which we overlook in life.Some of them basic truths about ourselves.We are all mere consumers and producers,drones in a hive.The queen is the aristocracy and bourguoise of the world.All we are supposed to care about is the physical world;money,big fucking televisions,the goddamn white picket fence "American Dream".Fight Club as well as movies like "A Clockwork Orange"and "1984" show that there are more important things in life.To be truly honest,to watch a sun rise on a warm summer day,to have people in your life that you truly fucking care about.But, most importtantly to be understood.It is so hard for truly wise and aware people to find a kindred spirit who can see how this world is.If you base your perception of life only within the physical realm then you are truly limiting yourself.All we care about is how we look,how the people we interact with look,how other people percieve us based upon trivial perceptions.YOU ARE NOT DEFINED BY THE CONTENTS OF YOUR WALLET,YOU'RE NOT YOUR FUCKING KAKIS. So many people like to build up the walls of denial and hide even from themselves.This is because they know how truly worthless their lives are.These are the people who show no regard for nature ,or the beautiful ascetics you can find in life.Piece of mind is not a large bank account,an expensive car,or some ignorant and mindless supermodel wife that you get to fuck.Piece of mind is found in the full understanding of nature,of who we really are and the realization that you are not a number,or a black bar on a credit card.Society is a flock of fucking sheep and very few have the potential to become an individual.I don't know what else to say but I dont expect anyone to understand my words so go buy a friggin Britney Spears album or spend a night out getting plastered because thats all that really matters.OR IS IT????????????

Name - Nick bardsley    Email - www.bardsley@lightstorm.com.au
Date --     From - Australia
Ever since seeing this film
life has been looked at
through different eyes.
The words of Tyler Durden a spoken
in my mind during every
conversation I encounter.
Atrue masterpiece

Name - Date --     From - Australia
Ever since seeing this film
life has been looked at
through different eyes.
The words of Tyler Durden a spoken
in my mind during every
conversation I encounter.
Atrue masterpiece

Name - Sebastian Santos    Email - taxi@uole.com
Date --     From - Mexico
The movie,the book of fight club opened my eyes
Tyler Durden is right.
We are the all singing,all dancing crap of the world.
His fucking words are freaking right
Name - Hugo Azevedo    Email - red_nose@netc.pt
Date --     From - Portugal
Indeed, it is the best movie ever made. I loved every fukin' thing about it, the details of the special effects, the way the story is told, the performing of Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter.
Tuler, Marla and Jack were the most convincing they could be.
If there were a Fight Club here in Portugal i'd defenatly join it, widdout thinking twice.
It's a movie to be remenbered.

Name - Ange    Email - ladydeath_omen@hotmail.com
Date --     From - australia
fight club the book and movie put my thoughts, feelings and comments about todays world into visual action. i want to blow up macdonalds even more now!!!

Name - Lola    Email - davdink@cherry.com.au
Date --     From - Australia
Fight Club is one of the best movies,if the the best movie I have seen.I sat through it tingling it was so wonderful.It was intelligent,thought provoking entertaining on sunh an amazingly high level.I have benefited greatly from watching it.Pitt and Norton were amazing and it seems ridiculous that they didn't even get nominated for a Golden Globe.Fight Club stands for so much,it's an incredible movie.

Name - Thom Gordon    Email - mc_thommy_g@hotmail.com
Date --     From - UK
F*cking amazing film, the best I
have seen maybe ever!

Name - ben    Email - leylink@yahoo.com
Date --     From - InnerSelf
a great movie as in showing the effects of being , as a human, used and as a person, put aside by a "greater being". In human history Hitler is a good example of how a small frustrated human loses the human touch of love and respect and is put away, to become a channel of some other being in need of a human body to play out "his" (which is often taken as "God" agenda. The purpuse of this other being is destruction and the drive is ignorance. The extra-human powers which come through the human channel do impress others who become slaves. powers such as hypnotism, clarity of purpuse and "getting things really done" are admired by the followers, strengthening the power of the "chosen" channel. While this non-human entity does what "it" wants to achieve the human dignity of the channel is raped. The person, the human is no longer connected to our great capacity to love. A vampire works the same way, demonizing the human, whose soul (feeling) is in the dark and crying. It is wonderful that such mechanism is worked out in this movie.the auther must have deep insight in the workings of human contact through the mind with some of these other entities. These entities are called demi-gods in the indian/buddhist philosophy. Poor human that out of stupidity becomes a channel for such a being who presents "itself" as your best friend and who turns out to become your worst enemy.Those who idealize this relationship and wish to become such a channel in this world may be chosen and could be listed among hitler, napoleon, khan, ceasar, alexander and so many others in so many degrees of destructive force. It seems to be part of the play and this "shiva (god'force of destruction as it is called in the veda-ancient books- of india)" finds its channels. realize that it leaves the channel broken and demaged, even after death releases the body-pains but not the mental or feeling-pains.
so, among you interested, know you may be on the list and be wondering "who am I" ; if the answer is : an extension of a greater force outside of me, and I become the empowered human of this force, and if you start regarding yourself as superior to others.... then you are on the way through hell. Do you want that? Is it required?

the "who am I" is anwered inside, and it is full of intimacy, wisdom, and kindness. You have the option to go directly to that space INSIDE to find yourself and avoid an intens hell firtly for yourself, but also for all those being that "you=that greater external incoming power entity" want to drag into hell and pain.

these words come from one that could say no and did find the true power inside.

Name - Nikolas westDate --     From - essex
saw the film saturday and fought it was awesome.I read a lot of reviews about it before a saw it but nothing could prepare me for possibbly the best film i`ve seen ever.I knew there was a twist at the end but did not expect what happened which means i have a excuse to go back to the cinema to watch it again a again.Great film everyone must see it.

Name - Jenny    Email - bitterjen1@hotmail.com
Date --     From - Edinburgh, Scotland
Wow, saw the film last night, and it just really blew me away! I can't believe how true it was. If every film made you question your whole belief system and reason for existance like this does, then the world would be a more thoughtful place! Nice to hear what others thought!

Name -     Email - astrochick4@yahoo.com
Date --     From - Canada
The fight club is the most amazing movie I have ever seen. I have seen it 7 times so far, and have yet to become sick of it.

Name - DingozDate --
How can you call your site the official Fight club web page due to the fact there is an official fight club plus your site sucks ass.

Name - Robert    Email - dj_deez_nutz@hotmail.com
Date --     From - CA
This movie FIGHT CLUB defines a generation
of people lost without a reason for existence.
Like Tyler said "We have no war, no great depression,"
The underlying dreams of every man are well
expressed in this film. It blatently states
obvious truths about society that people are
afraid to mention. It releases ideas
that are considered "detrimental" and thus
are shut away. This is truly a revolutionary
film and I think it should be seen by everyone.
There is no quesion why "Fight clubs" are springing
up all over.
- Believer and member, Robert

Name - Chris Blevins    Email - Blevdog7@hotmail.com
Date --     From - California
I have been getting fed up with the
Movie Critics of the world. These
people are supposed to be professionals
, and yet they miss the point of this
marvelous movies. I have read a great
deal about the "anarchy", "desire of
primal nature", but what I got from this
movie follows. I felt that it was
the fact that Men are stuck in a world
that doesn't allow or want them to be men.
We are supposed to be submissive, nurturing,
sensitive "men of the 90's". Yet we are
still supposed to be "real men."
This was the problem that we all face.
This was Edward Norton's problem.
What is the purpose of "man"? Are we
just sperm donors to the women of the world?
And to answer Jack has a psychotic
episode. He creates a whole new
personality that is the man he wants
to be. He trys the sensitive, caring
huggy feely support groups at the beggining
of the movie. The Feminine side.
DOES NOT FULLFILL HIM. Hence the creation
of Tyler Durden. At first, I thought
why did they have to go and do that.
However after contemplation, I realized
The undefined role of men in the world
caused a man to define himself in the
easiest way he could by re-creating himself.
In the realization scene they draw it out for you,
and yet the critics are "saying, oh no".
What happened? Did it get too complicated
for them? This was a great story, and I am sad to
see it is getting bad press because there
are a bunch of MORONS reviewing films.
Name - Lacey Emanis    Email - emanis_4@hotmail.com
Date --     From - TX

Name - ViperDate --

Name - Anthony    Email - Poshtopgun@aol.com
Date --     From - VA
I have to start thisout guestbook
by saying that this movie is
the greatest movie of all time
because it capures what every
human has somewhere inside of
them. And puts it into a visual
masterpiece. People really want
to do these types of things and
Tyler Durden is an idol if many
in this movie! This movie will
remain in Ameriican culture
forever. You will now see more
movies that have these visual
candies like genus director
David did from sene to sene.
Last if the director or anyone
who worked on this movie comes
here please leave some entries!!!!
Thanks a big fan, Anthony.

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